必修1Unit 2


考点规范练(必修1 Unit 2) 【短文语法填空】


Father's Day occurs on the 3rd Sunday in June. The idea for creating a day __1__ children to honor their fathers began in Spokane, Washington. A woman __2__ the name of Sonora Smart Dodd thought __3__ the idea for Father's Day while listening to a Mother's Day sermon __4__ 1909.

Having been raised __5__ her father, Henry Jackson Smart, after her mother died, Sonora wanted her father to know special he was __6__ her. It was her father that made all the parental sacrifices and was, __7__ the eyes of his daughter, a courageous, selfless, and loving man. Sonora's father was born in June, so she chose to hold the first Father's Day celebration __8__ Spokane, Washington __9__ the 19th of June, 1910.

In 1924 President Calvin Coolidge announced the third Sunday in June __10__ Father's Day. Roses are the flowers for Father's Day.

1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______ 6.______ 7.______ 8.______ 9.______ 10.______ 答案:

1.for 2.with 3.of 4.in 5.by 6.to 7.in 8.in 9.on 10.as



The best-known example of external(外部的) influence causing language change is the “Americanization” of world culture,which has caused English words to appear in city streets all over the world.The effect is most noticeable in pop music.Foreign groups often record in English,and the words are picked up and repeated in the same language everywhere,even by children who otherwise have little or no command of the language.I once met a Brazilian child of about ten who could count “one,two,three”,but only by adding the words “o’clock,four o’clock rock” at


the end.

Some people are often strongly critical of the influence of English on their language—especially when an English word replaces a traditional word.In 1977,France passed a law banning the use of English words in official situations if an equivalent(意义相同的) French expression existed—but the law seemed to be honoured more in the breaking than in the observing.Some other countries have considered introducing a similar law despite the evidence that such laws have very little effect,and that the arrival of loan words(外来词) can greatly enrich a language(as indeed in the case of English itself,which has a long history of welcoming foreign words).

However,not everyone is critical.In particular,commercial firms and advertisers are well aware of the potential selling power that the use of English vocabulary can bring.In Japan,English is even used in television commercials,despite the fact that the majority of viewers would not understand exactly what was being said:the excellence implied by the mere use of English is apparently enough to command the strategy to the advertisers.

Most of the influence of English is upon the vocabulary of foreign languages,but surveys are slowly bringing to light several cases where word order or word structure has been affected.Sentences of the type “The book sells well”,using an active construction for a passive meaning,have begun to appear in Danish(Bogen soelger godt).Several languages keep the English plural ending when they make use of a loan word,and do not translate it into the native form,e.g.drinks.There are many other such cases.

1.Why could the Brazilian child speak “one,two,three” in English? A.Because he had seen these words everywhere in the street. B.Because he had learnt how to tell the time in English. C.Because he had made himself master of English. D.Because he had heard these words in songs a lot.

2.What can we infer about the law passed in France in 1977? A.It was strict.


B.It was unfair. C.It was often ignored. D.It was strongly opposed.

3.Some Japanese commercials use English in the hope of . A.following the American trend B.becoming world-famous C.enriching Japanese D.increasing sales

4.The last paragraph is mainly developed by . A.providing examples B.making comparisons C.explaining grammar rules D.analyzing language change B

Doctors in hospital emergency rooms often see accidental poisonings. A frightened parent arrives with a child who swallowed a cleaning liquid. Or perhaps the harmful substance is a medicine. Or it might be a chemical product meant to kill insects. These are common causes of accidental poisoning.

In cases like this, seek medical help as soon as possible. Save the container of whatever caused the poisoning. And look on the container for information about anything that stops the effects of the poison. Save anything expelled from the mouth of the victim. That way, doctors can examine it.

Millions of people know a way to save a person who is choking on something trapped in the throat. The method is commonly known as the Heimlich Maneuver or abdominal thrusts(腹部按压), which you can do by getting directly behind a sitting or standing person. Put your arms around the victim’s waist. Close one hand to form a ball. Place it over the upper part of the stomach, below the ribs. Place the other hand on top. Then push forcefully inward and upward. Repeat the abdominal thrusts until the object is expelled from the mouth. For someone who is pregnant or very fat, place your hands


a little higher than with normal abdominal thrusts.

Red Cross experts say taking these steps can save many lives. But they also warn that abdominal thrusts are not for people who have almost drowned. They say use of the method could delay other ways to re-start breathing in the victim. Abdominal thrusts should be used only in cases where a near-drowning victim is choking on an object. To learn more about first aid, ask a hospital or organization like a Red Cross or Red Crescent Society for information. There may be training classes offered in your area.

1. According to the first paragraph, which of the following is NOT the common cause of accidental poisonings? A. A harmful medicine B. A cleaning liquid C. Poisonous insects

D. Dangerous pesticide(杀虫剂)

2. The underlined word “expelled” in paragraph 2 can be replaced by “_________ ”. A. coming out C. going away

B. taking up D. getting down

3. Why abdominal thrusts are not for people who have almost drowned? A. Because people are unwilling to attempt rescue efforts B. Because it is hard to perform C. Because it is no need to do so

D. Because it could hold up other ways to re-start breathing in the victim 4. What is the author’s purpose in writing this text? A. To promote medical research

B. To share some knowledge about first aid C. To show how to perform abdominal thrusts C.To help people deal with accidental poisoning


1.C【解析】细节理解题。根据第一段的介绍可知,有害的药物、清洁剂及杀虫剂都是意外中毒的主要原因, 而没有提到有毒的昆虫。