the smooth flow of traffic.

7. In selecting applicants for jobs, they give preference to those who have worked in the


field for no less than two years. 8. Having studied your report carefully, I am


that your solution is much better than mine.

9. When giving a lecture, Frank often prepared some pictures to


how a situation mentioned in the text took place.

10. A report released last week by the United Nations shows that the unemployment rate in this country has


from about 3% to 6.5%.

1. 1)

(In spite of)

the depressing economic forecasts, business people are all confident about the future.

2. More than 200 fans were waiting at the airport late in the evening in the hope that they would 2)

(catch a glimpse of / get a glimpse of / have a glimpse of)

their favorite pop singer.

3. In our country, nurses in hospitals are mostly female while male nurses 3)

(are in the minority / are in a minority)


4. Many people like shopping online because it 4)


them 5)


the trouble of driving to the shops and finding parking places. 5. Advertising isn't just 6)

(a matter of)

supplying information to consumers, but a business that seeks to use the most advanced techniques to influence society. 6. 7)

(As for)

those who are attending university at an older age, to study hard will be their priority rather than anything else. 7. She 8)

(is envious of)

her sister's beauty all the time, so it is hard for the sisters to get along. 8. When I 9)

(look back)

, I see how easy, comfortable, and pleasant my life was, and I took it all for granted!

1. Whereas my friend was dressed in a black hat and coat, I was dressed in jeans and sneakers.

2. Whereas having meals at home can cost as little as two or three dollars, eating out at a restaurant is always more expensive.

3. Whereas Asian people do not look into each other's eyes as they talk, in the Western world it is polite to maintain eye contact during a conversation.


(Reference: Given that you had very little help)

(考虑到你没有得到多少帮助), I think you did very well in the research. 2.

(Reference: Given that students had learned how to do the experiment in class)

(考虑到学生们在课堂上学过如何做那项实验), the teacher allowed them to do it by themselves in the lab.

3. Although the statistics show the number of teenagers using tobacco has started to decline, experts say the number is still disturbing

(Reference: given that nearly 90% of adult smokers began smoking at or before the age of 18)


Nowadays, an increasing number of college students engaged in a 1) (fo)


2) (e)


are taking part-time jobs. According to the study, \Working Part-Time\and disadvantage.

The study shows that 3) (w)


4) (s)


are able to help themselves financially and, therefore, raise their 5) (e)


6) (fu)


. Moreover, it has proved that they are better than 7) (non-)


8) (s)


in their communication skills, which are very important for their future job interviews. So, working part-time can enrich their 9) (edu)


10) (ex)


and enhance their resume.

However, doing part-time jobs may have some negative effects on students. Students doing part-time jobs are busy running between the workplace and school. They may have to skip class so often that they are unlikely to increase their 11) (s)


12) (en)


. They usually neglect their responsibilities for studies because they are occupied with work. They have less time to do homework, and eventually working undermines their 13) (s)


14) (com)


. This is often reflected in their low scores in 15) (s)


16) (per)


. Moreover, they often demonstrate lower levels of 17) (com)


to their studies when they are becoming unenthusiastic about their 18) (e)


19) (as)


and expectation. As a result, it is often less likely for 20) (under)


21) (s)


working part-time to obtain their first degree or certificate in due time.

To successfully develop their 22) (s)


23) (ca)


, students should keep a balance between studying and working part-time.