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38. People are never happy if they feel ____ (compel) by society to do work they do not enjoy. compelled

39. People ______ (labeled) as workers if their personal interests coincide with the jobs society pays them to do are labeled

40. Workers and laborers differ in the amount of personal ______ (satisfy) they derive from their jobs. satisfaction

41. They will also work with more diligence and _____ (precise) because they have fostered a sense of personal pride in their jobs. precision

42. In recent decades, technological innovation and the division of labor have caused major _____ (economy) changes by eliminating the need for special strength or skill in many fields. economic

43. Chinese parents demand perfect grades because they take it for _____ (grant) that their child can get them. granted

44. Chinese parents believe they know what’s best for their children and therefore have ultimate authority over their children’s desires and _____ (prefer). preferences

45. Thanks to modern aviation, we can now move through space at an ____(human) speed. inhuman

46. For the first time in human history, we can outrun the sun and move from one ____(sphere) to another in a single day. hemisphere

47. Seasoned travelers are open to ___(ambiguous), willing to realize that there are decidedly different (and equally valid) ways of interpreting the world. ambiguity

48. Even in this globalized age, we can still be amazed at all the ___(earth) things that weren’t included in the Let’s Go guidebook and that certainly don’t exist

back home. earthly

49. I don’t mind the ___ (act)flying, the wonder of being airborne in a dense metal bird. actual

50.According to research, the experience of an exotic culture endows us with a valuable ____(open-minded). open-mindedness

? Part III Reading Comprehension (2’X10=20 points);

41-50小题 阅读理解选择题(看思维的试卷)

? Part IV Writing (15’x1=15 points);

命题作文。主题从单元话题或四级模拟写作题中挑选。 Topics: Travel; Work and Play; Finance Management;

Parent-child Relationship; Peer Pressure (看手机拍的,看课本,自己找的作文)

? Part V Translation (15 points)




丽江地处云南省西北部,境内多山。丽江古城坐落在玉龙雪山脚下,是一座风景秀丽的历史文化名城,也是我国保存完好的少数民族古城之一。丽江古城始建于南 宋,距今约有800年的历史。丽江不仅历史悠久,而且民族众多,少数民族人口占全区人口的半数以上。随着丽江旅游业的发展,到丽江古城观光游览的中外游客日益增多。1997年12月,丽江古城申报世界文化遗产获得成功,填补了中国在世界文化遗产中无历史文化名城的空白。

Lijiang is a mountainous city in northwest Yunnan Province. The old town of Lijiang, located at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, is a town of scenic beauty and known for its history and culture. It is also a well-preserved old town with features of ethnic minorities. The construction work of the old town was started from the Southern Song Dynasty about 800 years from now. Not only does Lijiang boast a long history, but also it boasts many ethnic minorities who make up over a half of the total population in the region. With the booming of Lijiang tourism, the old town of Lijiang is receiving a growing number of tourists from home and abroad. In December 1997, the old town succeeded in applying to be named a World Cultural Heritage Site, filling the gap of lacking a noted historical and cultural city in China on the World Cultural Heritage List.

U5 P136

中国是茶的故乡,也是茶文化的发源地。自古以来,茶就被誉为中华民族的―国饮‖。无论是文人墨客生活中的―琴棋书画诗酒茶‖,还是平民百姓生活中的―柴米 油盐酱醋茶‖,茶都是

必备品。同时,中国又是文明古国,礼仪之邦。凡是来了客人或朋友,沏茶、敬茶的礼仪必不可少。随着中外文化交流和商业贸易的发展,中 国茶及茶文化传向了全世界。现在五大洲有不少国家种茶,也有很多国家从中国进口茶。中国茶和中国的丝绸及瓷器一样,已经成为中国在全世界的代名词。

China is the hometown of tea and the birthplace of tea culture. Since ancient times, tea has been known as the \drink\of China. In both the Chinese scholars' seven daily necessities, namely music, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, wine and tea and common people's seven ones, namely firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea, tea is listed as one of the necessities. Meanwhile, China is a country with ancient civilization and a land of courtesy. The practice of making and serving tea is essential whenever there are guests or friends. With the development of cultural exchange, commerce and trade between China and other countries, Chinese tea and tea culture spread to the world. Today, a number of countries across the five continents grow tea plants, and many countries import tea from China. Chinese tea, like Chinese silk and chinaware, has become synonymous with China in the world.

U6 P164

《孙子兵法》(The Art of War)是我国古代著名的军事家(strategist)孙武的著作。它既是一部经典的军事著作,又 是一部光辉的哲学著作,是我国灿烂的古代文化中一份珍贵的遗产。孙武在书中揭示了一系列具有普遍意义的军事规律,提出了一套完整的军事理论体系。这一理论 体系不仅深受战国以来历代军事家的重视和推崇,对他们的军事思想和实践产生了重要的影响,而且在世界军事思想领域也拥有广泛的影响,享有极高的声誉。

The Art of War was written by Sun Wu, a famous ancient Chinese strategist. A classic work not only of military value but also of great philosophical significance, The Art of War is a precious heritage of brilliant ancient Chinese culture. Sun Wu disclosed in his book a series of military rules and principles, and put forward a complete system of military theory. His theory has been highly regarded by strategists since the Warring States Period and exerted strong impacts on their thought and practice. Moreover, it has yielded a worldwide influence in the field of military thought, enjoying extremely high prestige.

U7 P195

上海自贸区(Shanghai Free Trade Zone)是中国政府于2013年设立在上海的自由贸易区。上海自贸区总面积为28.78平方公里,是中国大陆境内第一个自由贸易区,也是进行一系列经济 改革的―试验田‖(testing ground)。设立上海自贸区是顺应全球经贸发展新趋势,实行更加积极主动开放战略的一项重大举措。其主要任务是为全面深化改革开放探索新路径、积累新 经验。上海自贸区作为试点(pilot project),是中国经济的―试金石‖(touchstone),将为深化改革、促进经济活力起到积极的推动作用。

Shanghai Free Trade Zone is a free trade zone in Shanghai that was launched in 2013 by the Chinese government. Covering an area of 28.78 square kilometers, Shanghai Free Trade Zone is the first of its kind in China's mainland, and is regarded as a \ground\for a number of economic reforms. The establishment of the free trade zone is a significant measure taken to actively promote the opening-up strategy under the new global economic and trade situation. It undertakes a major task to explore new ways and accumulate new experience for the deepening of reform and opening up in an all-round way. As a pilot project, Shanghai Free Trade Zone will become a \boosting economic vigor.

U8 P224

中央电视台春节联欢晚会(简称―春晚‖)自1983年开办以来,已成为中国人文化生活中不可缺少的文化消费品和一个挥之不去的文化符号。虽然众口难调,但 必须承认的是,―春晚‖已成为公众所不可缺少的―新民俗‖。春晚不仅是一台晚会,更是一种仪式与象征,一种文化与标签,一种情感与寄托。随着时代发展及新 媒体的出现,观众的选择和需求日渐多样化,―春晚‖也在与时俱进,以满足大众日益增长的文化需求。

The CCTV Spring Festival Gala (Spring Festival Gala for short), which was started in 1983, has become an indispensable cultural consumer product and a cultural symbol in the cultural life of the Chinese people. Though it's hard to satisfy the tastes of all the people, it has to be admitted that the Spring Festival Gala has become a \The Spring Festival Gala is more than a gala; it is a ritual and a symbol, a culture and a label, and an emotion and a place where people entrust their hearts to. With the development of the times and the emerging of new media, the audiences are having more diversified choices and demands. Corresponding, the Spring Festival Gala is also advancing with the times to satisfy the growing cultural needs of the people.