A terrible earthquake happened in Wenchuan on May 12,2008.(221 )___B___ people lost their lives and homes.During those days,a lot of stories about(222) ___C___ could be heard.Here is(223) ____A__ of them .After the earth—quake,under a fallen building,some soldiers found that a(224)___B___died in a very strange way.When they were ready to take her away,they were surprised to find that a baby in her arms was (225) __A____ alive.The baby was sleeping and (226) __D____ hurt at a11.Between the dead mother (227) ____B__ the living baby, there was a cellphone with a short (228) __C____ on the screen,“My dear baby, if you can survive, remember that I love you.”Everybody (229) ___B___ when they read these words.

Besides this story, many other stories also moved us deeply.(230) __A____ these stories we know more about love.

You‘re lucky if you‘re loved by others You‘re great if you love others when you‘re in danger.

221.A.All B.Many C.Few D.No 222.A.home B.life C.love D.hope 22 3.A.one B.none C.some D.each 224.A.man B.woman C.boy D.girl 225.A.still B.often C.never D.not 226.A.is B.isn‘t C.was D.wasn‘t 227.A.or B.and C.also D.but 228.A.story B.film C.message D.song 229.A.smiled B.shouted C.laughed D.cried 230.A.From B.On C.To D.With


An important question about eating out is who pays for the meal.If a friend of yours asks you to have lunch with him, you may say (231)___A___ like this, “I‘m afraid it‘ll have to be some place(232) ___B___ ,as I have very little money.” The other person may say,“OK,I‘11 meet you at McDonald‘s.” This means that the two agree to go Dutch,that is,each person pays for himself.He may(233) ___A___ say,“Oh,no.I want to(234) __B____ you to lunch at Smith’s.”or“1 want you to try the Chinese dumplings there. They‘re great.” This means the person wants to pay for both of you. If you feel(235) ___A___ towards this person,you can go with him and you(236) __B____ pay for the meal. You may just say,(237) __C____ .That would be very nice.‖

American customs about who pays for dates are much the same as in the other parts of the world.In the old days, American women wanted men to pay for all the meals.But,today,a university girl or a woman in (238) __D____ will usually pay her way during the day.If a man asks her for a dance outside the working hours,it(239) ___C___“come as my guest”.So as you can see,it is a polite thing to make the question(240) __D____at the very beginning.


231.A.something B.anything C.everything D.nothing 232.A.expensive B.cheap C.quiet D.wonderful 233.A.also B.neither C.too D.either 234.A.get B.take C.meet D.bring

235.A.friendly B.kind C.happy D.lucky

236.A.can‘t B.needn‘t C.mustn‘t D.don‘t

237.A.I‘m sorry B.Excuse me C.Thank you D.Pardon 238.A.school B.China C.America D.business 239.A.goes B.says C.means D.tells

240.A.easy B.clear C.clean D.careful


Every time I passed boys who were playing basketball,I stopped to silently watch them .I really envied them. But as a girl,1 once thought that I could(241) __C____ play basketball. I like playing basketball though I‘m not good at it I‘ve had a basketball(242) ___D___ 1 was a child. At first,I could play freely because no one(243) ___B___ when I was just a kid . But as I grew up it seemed harder and harder for me to enjoy basketball.

At school it was always the boys who played basketball during PE classes.The girls were(244) ___A___ allowed to play volleyball or badminton.

My parents did not(245) ___C___ me play basketball at home“Basketball is not fit for girls,”they said.(246) ___D___when I went to play with my friends, boys stared at me on the court as if I were an alien.

I was feeling(247) ___B___ and had lost hope of playing basketball. Unexpectedly,something changed the first day of high school. I made some friends who also enjoyed playing basketball.They encouraged me to get back on the court.

One of them told me with a smile,“Go your own(248) ___B___ ,let others talk.” This girl would always play basketball with me. Even the boy who sat next to me in class talked about(249) __A____ with me almost every day.I was inspired by them. Confidence and passion returned to my heart.I‘m ready to stand up and play. I will play as well as I can,(250) __C____ for me,even the sky is boundless.

Basketball has become an important part of my(251) ___B___.I am interested in it.I watch matches and enjoy playing it almost ever day.Through basketball,not only do I feel happy and confident,but also(252) ___C___ a lot .

I‘ve heard the NBA star Tracy McGrady say,“Nothing is impossible.”It is from an advertisement on TV.I have (253) __A____ to realize that life is just like playing basketball . You should have an(254) ___B___ . After that,just be confident and insist going . Never give up and you‘ll make it sooner or later.

I love the motto of the NBA.It can(255) ___B___ my strong feeling for basketball,“I love this game!”

251. A.ever B.often C.never D.always 252. A .when B.before C.after D.since 253. A .struggled B.cared C.enjoyed D.joined


254. A .only B.almost C.hardly D.not 255. A.encourage B .agree C.1et D.permit 256. A Still B.Yet C Just D.Even 257. A.up B.down C.excited D.satisfied 258. A effort B.way C.business D.direction

259. A.basketball B.sports C.interests D.dreams 260 . A.but B though C.and D.however 261 . A wish B life C.work D.study

262 . A experience B grow C.1earn D.play

263 . A.come B.turned C.refused D happened 264. A.idea B aim C opinion D.effort

265 . A.inform B express C ignore D.connect


People like artists and writers usually work on their own, with no one else around. Most of my friends all work(256) __C____ other people in shops and so on,and they tell me that they would never get things done if they worked alone. I'm not(257) ___A___ that all artists and writers do,either.

I was born in a small village in the country where everyone knew(258) ___D___ else:that is,they knew everyone except a writer who(259) ___B___ himself to himself.By the time I was(260) __B____ enough to learn people‘s names,he had been living in the village for at least twenty years,but the villages still regarded him as a(261) ___A___! Every morning,he would walk down to the local shops to do his(262) ___C___,and although he had to greet everyone he met, only two or three would(263) __C____his greeting.Just occasionally,someone would ask him (264) ___A___ he was doing,and every time his answer would be the same:“I am still writing the book.‖ And that was all we(265) __D____ learned about him.

Because no one had ever visited his house,I (266) ___C___ once walking up to the house with three or four other boys to see(267) __B____ we could see what he did.We climbed up to the(268) ___C___ and looked in,expecting to see our writer typing(269) ___D___ his desk.Instead,he was sitting in an armchair(270) ___A___a book. 256.A.without B.around C.with D.for 257.A.sure B.afraid C.glad D.sorry 258.A.someone B.no one C.one D.everyone 259.A talked B.kept C.taught D.paid 260.A.young B.old C.tall D.strong 261.A.stranger B.writer C.friend D.fool 262.A.washing B.cooking C.shopping D.typing 263.A.hear B.like C.return D.hate 264. A.what B.how C.why D.where 265.A.always B.still C.hardly D.ever 266.A.finish B.enjoy C.remember D.plan 267.A.that B.if C.when D.whom 268.A.chimneys B.doors C.windows D.walls


269.A.off B.on C.in D.at

270.A.reading B.writing C.coping D.selling

Reading Comprehensive


The word \are using \to mean the time between sunrise and sunset. Since the earth looks like a ball, the sun can shine on only half of it at a time. Always one half of the earth is having day and the other half nigh. A place is moved from day into night and from night into day over and over by the spinning of the earth. At the equator, day and night are sometimes the same length . They are each twelve hours long. The sun rises at 6 o'clock in the morning and sets at 6 o'clock in the evening. For six months the North Pole is tilted toward the sun. In those months the Northern Hemisphere gets more hours of sunlight than the Southern Hemisphere. Days are longer than nights. South of the equator nights are longer than days. For the other six months the North Pole is tilted away from the sun, Then the Southern Hemisphere gets more sunlight. Days are longer than nights. North of the equator nights are longer than days. Winter is the season of long nights. Summer is the season of long days.

271. When the Western Hemisphere is having day, the Eastern Hemisphere is


A. both day and night B. day C. neither day nor night D. night

272. A place is moved from day into night and from night into day over and over

by__C____ of the earth.

A. the pushing B. the pulling C. the spinning D. the passing 273. At the equator day is as long as night__A____.

A. sometimes B. never C usually D always

274. When the North Pole is tilted toward the sun, the Northern Hemisphere gets __B____


A less B more C. all D. no 275. When it is winter in China, __D____

A. the USA is tilted toward the sun

B. the South Pole is tilted away from the sun C. the North Pole is tilted toward the sun D. the North Pole is tilted away from the sun

( 2 )

Once there was a baby eagle living in a nest on a cliff. The baby eagle loved his nest. It was warm, soft and comfortable. And even better, he had all the food and love that his mother could give. Whenever the baby eagle was hungry, his mother would always come just in time with the delicious food he liked.