10.Dogs cannot distinguish the color of traffic lights. so the master must make the decision of when it is safe to across the road. Immune to fall in love with go along with on ones behalf be filled with take the liberty of expel from be pessimistic about

1.She authorized her partner to carry out the daily responsibilities when she was on her business trip.

2 On hearing the latest news about your other’ s ill health, I canceling your reservation at the Sheraton.

3 There was an obvious indication that the police who have to enforce the new law were not the general discontent.

4 When she heard of her failure in the experiment, her eyes tears ; whether it was of shame, frustration, or grief was difficult to tell.

5. Rose knows that continuous letters from John, together with countless roses, are aimed at making her him.

6. public school for drinking and smoking and then failing in show business as a singer, she joined her father's business 10 years ago.

7.Since the great scandals in banking,many people in the country have the prospects of economic recovery within a few years.

8. The parents were quite happy to our suggestion because it had taken their most important concerns into consideration. retain derive explicit manipulate contradict paradox perspective defy suspend tackle

1. The“ discipline” message asks people to save, while the\yourself\other.

2. It is a(n) that in some odd way world peace appears to depend on our spending millions of pounds on weapons that can kill us all.

3. It is far more effective for parents to allow for the child's and let him make his own choice rather than make a decision for him. 4.When you are writing any directions for people, you've got to be direct and to make everything rightly understood.

5. The new teaching program was last semester because the teachers in the department protested its demand for more intense work. 6. He is a very considerate and generous person,and he is also one of those who can often pleasure from helping others.

7. Many children are addicted to computers, so they often their parents and play the computer games for hours every day.

8. My roommate is always very optimistic, and that's why he still his good humor after all the setbacks.

9. There is a widely held suspicion that the politician, though retired, still has great power and is events behind the scenes. 10. The organization has been working with local authorities as well as regional government and officials to the problem of climate change. take stock of put off at odds with on track take in consult with refer to do ones utmost

1. People who work in offices are as“ white-coll

workers ”for the simple reason that they traditionally wear a white shirt with a collar and a tie to go to work.

2. When the police arrived, he had already destroyed the evidence that was his earlier statement made a few hours ago.

3. In order to persuade his daughter to the marriage, the father quoted statistics showing mixed-race couples had higher divorce rates than same-race couples.

4. The mother made the decision to give cough medicine and Aspirin to her sick child without the child's doctor.

5. Both professional experts and school teachers say that children tend to when they see their parents making similar efforts.

6. As she entered the most dynamic period of her career, Kyle her success and tried to analyze the strong impact of her college education.

7. The chief executive George Grey is confident that current growth levels can be maintained since all the group's development projects stay .

8. It is very important for students to understand and new information.

Besides, they should examine and judge information carefully and then make the right decisions.

1. It was essential to science and technology, not just for the economy but for environmental protection as well.

2. Language is the representation of a people, and it combines

tolerance accommodation plausible symbolic compose dispose harness infer flourish violate

their historical and cultural backgrounds, as well as their approach to life.

3. Because of the e effective and helpful method, I was to answer all the questions I could, and I never worried about making mistakes.

4. It can be inferred from the passage that the commercial prosperity in Cambridge is due to hi-tech IT companies whose business has been .

5. You will need to prove that the noise the regulations, that your neighbor was causing the noise, and that you attempted to have him stop.

6. Most universities will guarantee your ,at least during your first year,but you are likely to share a kitchen and bathroom with other students.

7 We may from the report that hackers from outside of the company present a more serious threat to their security systems.

8. She frowned at the business report, making an effort to herself before she talked to the employees at the upcoming meeting.

9. A crucial factor is that one witness' evidence, the though may be rejected because it is contradicted by another witness whose evidence is already proved correct.

10.Windsor Middle School has been famous for zero to violence and emphasis on respect for its students and rules. stem from feel at ease with take ever take exception to

1. I surely know it's a good opportunity for us to invest in this housing project, but it all money in the ends that is how much money we can afford to invest

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