Dear sir:

I am afraid your 161 to settle your account, which is over 162 for more than six months, will leave us with no 163 but resort to legal 164 .

This is to 165 you that unless we 166 your check for $7,550.50 167 June 30, we will place your account in the 168 of our attorneys for 169 .

Yours 170 , Chen Yan B.

Dear sir or madam,

If you need an air-conditioner, buy Chun Lan’s 171 model. Why? Because its durability is about two times that of

other air-conditioners. What’s 172 , the price is at least fifty percent lower.

In the past decades, a great 173 of air-conditioner plants have come and 174 . But Chun Lan has constantly grown

and made striking 175 in sales and prestige.

Back of every Chun Lan is one of China’s largest factories 176 air-conditioners. Back of every Chun Lan is the capable

engineering staff that you will find in no others.

Please write on the 177 card the names and 178 of those who might be 179 in learning more about Chun Lan.

Thank you very much for your 180 .

Sincerely yours, Dona Lee Sales Director 181-200 built would raise increased interested making come into effect contains reputation appreciation help raw materials making reply stocks appreciated about cooperation advertised demand delighted A

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are (181) to tell you that we are (182) in purchasing your hairdryers (183) in the magazine Modern Family last month.

We (184) be grateful if you send a catalogue that (185) prices, specifications and other detailed information (186) the

above-mentioned product. It can (187) us in a lot in (188) a decision.

Your prompt (189) would be much (190). Thank you very much!

Yours sincerely,

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Thomas B

Dear Sir or Madam:

(191) is our new price list which will (192) at the end of this month. You will see that we have increased our prices on most models. We have, however, refrained from doing so on some models of which we hold large (193) . The explanation for our (194) prices stems from the fact that we are now paying 10% more for our (195) than we were paying last year, along with some of our subcontractors having raised their prices as much as 15%.

As you know, we take great pride in our product and are proud of the reputation for quality and dependability we have (196) over 15years. We will not compromise that (197) because of raising costs. We have, therefore, decided to (198) the price of some of our products.

We hope you will understand our (199) and look forward to your (200) .

With best regards,


III. Rearrange each group of numbered sentences from the text of business letters so that they will read logically. (1

point each)

Group 1. 1. You have found the right range hood manufacturer. As a leading enterprise in our industry, we constantly translate

high-tech technology into satisfactory products for our customers. And our products is hugely popular in most parts of Asia and Australia.

2. Enclosed is the catalogue of our products.

3. It’s a great pleasure to receive your letter of January 3, 2008. 4. Looking forward to your order soon.

5. A special offer we supply for each user is two free nets every year.

Group 2. 1. Best regards.

2. Please inform us of the train they will take.

3. We are delighted to know that Mr. Thomas Searle and Mr. Evans hatch are planning to visit our factory on 27 May,


4. Miss Chen Fengyi is to meet Mr. Searle and Mr. Hatch at the factory’s conference room at 2:00 on the afternoon of

27 May, 2008.

5. We’ll arrange Mr. Feng Xiaoyu to meet them at the railway station.

Group 3. 1. Thank you.

2. He told me you charge $50 an hour.

3. Before scheduling an appointment with you to discuss the importance of my business, I asked your secretary about your

legal fees.

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4. I will appreciate an explanation of my bill.

5. I was therefore very surprised to receive a bill for $200 when I spent no more than one hour with you.

Group 4. 1. We sincerely hope that this order will be just the first of many during the year. 2. The shipping department is working on this order.

3. We are indeed glad to say “Welcome” and thanks for your order of 6 June, which arrived this morning. 4. We will send it to you within the next two days.

5. It gives us great pleasure to be able to write this letter welcoming you to T&T.


Group 5. 1. For dozens of yuan each month you can buy peace of mind for your wife and children, and for yourself.

2. A client of mine is happier than he has been for a long time. For the first time since he got married 10 years ago,

he says that he feels really comfortable about the future.

3. Such protection would have been beyond his reach a year ago, but now a new insurance plan has enabled him to ensure

this security for his family.

4. Let me know if you like to know the details of the plan. I will call you any time you like.

5. Should he die within the following 30 years, his family would be provided for. His wife would receive 500 yuan per

month for a full 30 years, and then a lump sum of 10,000 yuan.

Group 6. 1. The goods are urgently required, so prompt delivery will be most appreciated. 2. We thank you very much for your letter of February 15 with patterns and price lists. 3. We have chosen three qualities (456, 890 and 134) for which we enclose Order No. 777. 4. You will soon hear from your bank.

5. We have instructed our bank to open a letter of credit (L/C) for the amount of this order.

Group 7. 1. If you have any questions, please let us know.

2. I am pleased to tell you that we are able to provide you with 300 GL980 heat exchangers and 1,000 XCO-450 air dryers. 3. Thank you!

4. Enclosed are the price list and the payment terms. 5. Your prompt reply would be appreciated.

Group 8. 1. Thanks and best regards.

2. Kindly note the price should be USD 90 + 15% and a good view.

3. We would be obliged if you would arrange the hotel accommodation for Mr. William Ghost on July 13, 2000 at Shangri-

La Hotel in Shanghai.

4. We appreciate your early confirmation.

5. Please advise us of your confirmation before tomorrow.

Group 9.

1. Unluckily, however, I am fully occupied and cannot meet you on November 13. 2. Looking forward to seeing you again.

3. Indeed, we have a lot of ideas to exchange, and I am convinced we will have an even better co-operation. 4. I am delighted to know that you will come to Toronto and visit our company.

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5. My schedule is more flexible from November 15 to 18. I wonder if you can manage to meet me during these days.

Group 10. 1. We have enclosed a catalogue of all the specifications and varieties of our products.

2. Our products are always very popular in Europe and Japan. With your help, we are hoping to penetrate the huge market in China.

3. We are awaiting the opportunity of cooperating with you.

4. With a long history and high reliability, this Company has established a good reputation at home and abroad. 5. It's so nice to receive your letter dated 1 July 2000. Thank you for your interest in our products. Our products

include facade boards of fiber cement with natural surface, polyurethane-coated fiber cement board and late-coated fiber cement boards.

Group 11.

1. In consideration of the very pleasant business relationship we have had with your firm for more than 15 years,

2. We hope that our concession will result in a considerable increase of your orders and assure you that we shall always endeavor to execute them to your complete satisfaction. 3. We shall, therefore, in future draw on you at 60 d/s, documents against acceptance (D/A), and trust that these terms

will suit your requirements.

4. We have received your letter of 15th April in which you ask for an extension of our terms. 5. we have decided to agree to your suggestion.

Group 12. 1. They are not what we want, having a dull finish instead of a bright one. 2. We are sorry to say that you will have to take them back.

3. Thank you for your shipment of brass beds ordered by us on October 13, but much to our regret we have to inform you that they greatly disappoint us.

4. Please send us the kind we ordered and let us know what disposal to make of these as soon as possible. 5. We have received many complaints from our buyers. They state that the beds are not attractive enough. We are, however, making efforts to persuade our buyers to accept them, but it seems that the dull finish has made them quite unsalable in the market.

Group 13. 1. We hope the cookies wilt be distributed among potential customers as soon as possible. 2. We are delighted to know that you are willing to try our Copenhagen Butter Cookies.

3. Looking forward to your comment soonest.

4. At your request, we are arranging the delivery of 50 boxes of the above-mentioned product, which is supposed to arrive

at your city in two weeks.

5. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other request.

Group 14.

1.Staff development could be better thought out.

2. We discovered that there were many areas that could be improved.

3. In all, these kinds of improvements would lead to more harmony in the department. 4. The organization of the department could be improved significantly, 5. Staff morale could be raised.

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